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West Coast Classics

I like all music but, recently I have been listening to West Coast Classic style music
I have always liked Eazy-E, N.W.A, Snoop Dogg, and others
I made a radio station on Pandora that has become a very popular station.
Its been featured on their front page.
It has over 2.7 million likes, and being followed by 5.8 million listeners, at the time of this posting.
If you want to listen to it, here is the link to the station West Coast Classics I use short link because, the main link is like a mile long.
Its not really a mile long but, it is a very long link.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with whoever likes music.

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My twitter QR code

Someone asked me to post my twitter QR code.
I forget who it was, but they asked me like 3 months ago.
Sorry for the delay.

Kitty Flea Treatment Update

This has been vert stressful for me, and i know for my kitties too.

Puppy and Mokey weren't effected by this as much as Bright Eyes was.
It almost killed Bright Eyes and she is still having effects from the treatment.
I have done everything the manufacture has told me to do like wash her in Dawn dish soap
soap her up two times, then rinse her well, then towel dry her the best you can. then two days later bathe her again. it did help a bit, but she is still walking around like she's drunk
she is still drooling on her chin she isn't keeping herself clean like she used to.
She was always a very clean kitty. she was so clean she used to clean up after Puppy and Mokey she can't jump over 61 cm /  2 ft anymore. She randomly goes limp it looks funny, but its not when she does that her eyes shift back and forth real fast. the good thing these things except for the drooling isn't happening as often. She seen her vet today he did blood work she still has the toxins in her blood. he said give her 2 to 4 more days then it should be out of her system. the manufacture said the pesticides do not adsorb in to the skin. her vet said that is total bullshit it does her blood work proves it does. they are just trying to cover up. here are some pictures of the kitties i took yesterday.

Even though Baby Bright Eyes sick, she can still act silly.
She thinks she is hiding from me, We were playing hide and seek

She sleeps more than normal, she sleeps around 20 hours every 24 hours
 I have to put Bright eyes in this window she can't get up there herself anymore.
She can get down by herself no problem.
 Puppy thinks she sees something, that isn't there. That started after the flea treatment.
 Mokey is so Silly. He's Handsome and He knows it
Hopefully they all get back to normal real soon, if they don't then my attorney is going to file a lawsuit. She said she will seek 15 million per cat. I said no way. she said yes way.
i have sued before for something like this and got 25 million per cat the judge raised what I was asking for.

This isn't about money for me. its about my kitties, their product made my kitties very sick almost killing one.