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Mokey Mouse

Mokey Caught a Mouse!

This makes the third mouse he has caught, since we moved back to the States from Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The house had been vacant for around 6 months, so the little mice moved in.
Mokey has been having a blast catching them. Puppy and Bright Eyes caught one each but we were asleep so we couldn't take pictures.

They don't eat them, they just play with them until they don't move anymore.

Dirt Devil UD70230

Dirt Devil® Jaguar Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum

My Rating is: ★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars.  

Jaguar Pet Is An Excellent Vacuum!

I've had this vacuum for around 4 or 5 years, its the best vacuum I have ever owned.

The only issue I've had with this vacuum is:
The little turbo brush has never worked. Other than that, I haven't had a single issue.
I have three cats, two have medium-long hair, this vacuum picks up their hair, kitty litter, and household dirt like a champ.

It works like the TV commercials says it works, even better.
I have owned three Dirt Devils, this one is by far the best.

The Dirt Devil® Jag Pet Upright Vacuum is a fully featured cleaning machine designed with pet lovers in mind. Specially designed pet tools help grab stubborn pet hair on upholstery, stairs and your furry friends favourite resting spot. The premium 2.5 meter stretch hose and tools allow ultimate manoeuvrability while cleaning on and above the floor. With cyclonic technology as an added level of dirt separation and easy empty dirt cup with bottom empty disposal for mess-free clean up. Multi-level height adjustment makes moving from different floor surfaces easy and 7.62 meter power cord allows you to clean a large area without having to re-plug.

Pet Friendly On-Board Tools - rubberized tools stored on the unit to easily switch cleaning tasks and help gather extra pet hair on upholstery or stairs.
Premium 2.5 meter Stretch Hose provides additional reach for stair and above floor cleaning.
Multi-Level Height Adjustment - adjust as needed to clean all flooring types efficiently.
10 Amp Motor - powerful cleaning for around your home.
Cyclonic Technology - single stage cyclonic filtration for added level of dirt separation.
7.6 meter Power Cord - gives freedom to vacuum large rooms without re-plugging.
Lightweight Design - easy transportation from room-to-room and up-and-down stairs.
Bottom Empty Dirt Cup - makes emptying the dirt cup easy and mess-free.
HEPA Micro Filtration - traps over 99.97% of dirt, dust and allergens.
40.6 centimetre Cleaning Path - large path for tough cleaning jobs.
Limited 1 year warranty

Included Accessories:
Extension Wand - reach further for above floor surfaces.
Electrostatic Dusting Brush - extra agitation for removing pet hair on carpeting stairs and upholstery.
Electrostatic Turbo Tool® - powered hand tool with rubber accents and a rotating agitator brush.

Crevice Tool - helps clean in nooks and crannies.

Some People?

We have been getting some really weird, perverted messages from this blog's contact us widget.

We have even gotten a few death threats.
The death threats were reported to our local police, by us and by Google's security team.
Our local police found out who sent the death threats and sent the information to their local police.

The perverted messages are coming from a person we know, not personally but from the internet. Our local police told us how to trace who sent the messages.
each message sent has an encryption code and a sender code. the sender can't hide behind a Proxy or a VPN = Virtual Private Network even though they believe they can hide behind them, they can't.
There have been many changes that have been made worldwide since the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre.

Here is the sender's IP address "" I post this IP address to show the sender i'm not making this up. I also have their MAC address, that's the device's number code that only that device has. No other device in the whole world will have the same number code.
By law I can't publicly post their MAC address in a open public forum, because it would open that person's device to attacks. If i were to post it, and that person gets harmed in anyway, because I posted it, I can be charged with a felony crime.

With the IP address alone I can find the Country, City, and State/Provence they live in
and their general location down to  200 feet / 76 meters
I also will know their ISP = Internet Service provider and zip code / postal code they live in.

This person who sent us the perverted message Lives in Chicago, IL 60624
Their ISP is AT&T U-verse with slowest AT&T U-verse internet connection speeds available.

This person is also trying to make me think he/she is stupid by misspelling almost every word. Thing is, I already know this person is pretty ignorant, I doubt he/she went to high school at all? If he/she did attend high school, he/she didn't learn much.

Anyway when you use the contact us widget please don't send threats or act stupid.
its meant so you can leave a serious legitimate comment, about the blog, or to contact us for personal, or business reasons.

Thank You.