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Kitty Flea Treatment Update

This has been vert stressful for my, and i know for my kitties too.

Puppy and Mokey weren't effected by this as much as Bright Eyes was.
It almost killed Bright Eyes and she is still having effects from the treatment.
I have done everything the manufacture has told me to do like wash her in Dawn dish soap
soap her up two times, then rinse her well, then towel dry her the best you can. then two days later bathe her again. it did help a bit, but she is still walking around like she's drunk
she is still drooling on her chin she isn't keeping herself clean like she used to.
She was always a very clean kitty. she was so clean she used to clean up after Puppy and Mokey she can't jump over 61 cm /  2 ft anymore. She randomly goes limp it looks funny, but its not when she does that her eyes shift back and forth real fast. the good thing these things except for the drooling isn't happening as often. She seen her vet today he did blood work she still has the toxins in her blood. he said give her 2 to 4 more days then it should be out of her system. the manufacture said the pesticides do not adsorb in to the skin. her vet said that is total bullshit it does her blood work proves it does. they are just trying to cover up. here are some pictures of the kitties i took yesterday.

Even though Baby Bright Eyes sick, she can still act silly.
She thinks she is hiding from me, We were playing hide and seek

She sleeps more than normal, she sleeps around 20 hours every 24 hours
 I have to put Bright eyes in this window she can't get up there herself anymore.
She can get down by herself no problem.
 Puppy thinks she sees something, that isn't there. That started after the flea treatment.
 Mokey is so Silly. He's Handsome and He knows it
Hopefully they all get back to normal real soon, if they don't then my attorney is going to file a lawsuit. She said she will seek 15 million per cat. I said no way. she said yes way.
i have sued before for something like this and got 25 million per cat the judge raised what I was asking for.

This isn't about money for me. its about my kitties, their product made my kitties very sick almost killing one.

My Kitties Got Real Sick From Flea Treatment

My kitties got fleas some how, they are 100% indoor kitties.
anyway i bought some spot flea treatment recommended by their vet.
Its Sentry PurrScriptions Plus for cats over 2.2 Kilograms / 5 pounds
over 1 year of age, and under age 12 years of age.

 I gave them all a bath not using flea shampoo as instructed let them dry, then applied the treatment at the base of their neck.
The very next day they were all walking around like they were drunk. I read the side effects it said they may act that way, if it becomes troubling for the cat. wash them with a mild shampoo for humans do not wash them with flea shampoo. get them thoroughly wet, if possible submerge them in water up to just below their ears for at least 5 minutes if the cat will let you, do not force the cat.

My Kitties love bathes I fill the tub and they will swim around and play around in the water.
I bathed each one for 30 minutes using the same shampoo we use for our hair.
let them dry then fluffed them up and brushed their hair.

Mokey started getting sick, more than usual. but within 2 days he was back to himself.
same for Puppy, but Bright Eyes is having serious issues at times her left arm and her right leg will get stiff and she will fall over, her eyes will be moving back and forth really fast.
I took her to the vet he said she is having a severe reaction to the pesticide, he said its like toxic shock. he put an IV in her gave her fluids, then gave her a small amount of some medication he said it should reverse the effects. he said she should be okay in a day or two.

I brought her back home she was fine for like 5 days, then two days ago she was sleeping on the table next to me, she started meowing like she was dreaming. She stood up and fell over, then meowed like she was saying Please Help Me!

That scared me a lot, i picked her up held her close and talked to her, then took her to my bed. I laid with her petting her and softly talking to her. I asked God "Please God, don't let her die, I need her" after a few minutes she started purring then started licking my hand. then got up like nothing was wrong. I then said I love you My Baby Bright Eyes, The Thanked God.

Just about 40 minutes ago she did that again but it was a lot worse. It looked like she was having a mild seizure? Her eyes rolled up and she made a long sound kind like a humm
then she took a deep breath. i thought she died, i started crying i picker her up hugged her gave her a kiss told her i love her, then she started purring and acting like nothing happened. I called her vet he's out of the office until Monday and is not taking emergencies. if you are having an emergency take them to the PET 911 Emergency Hospital. i can't do that because they want cash upfront and they charge way, way to much, it more then a human emergency room.

I really don't think Bright Eyes will be with us much longer. I hope I'm wrong.

I contacted the manufacture and they said for me to sign a document not to sue them and they will give me $5.000 plus the vet bills and refund the purchase price. I said I'm not telling you this to get money from you. I'm letting you know your product made all 3 of my kitties sick, and i think one is going to die. all were 100% before i treated them with your product.

then they asked for my mailing address they will send some forms to fill out wanting to know what they ate for the past 5 days are they on medications and around 50 more questions like this. they also want their vets name and phone number and my permission to release their records to them. my attorney said everything is okay except for giving the permission to access their medical records. it said after i fill out one for each cat to mail it back to them they will get back with my within 90 days after they receive the forms.
they also want the unused product to analyze it to see if its was made to specifications.
My attorney said only give them one tube to test, because you need one for your self just in case you need it.

I'm writing this to let you know not to use this product its make by Sargent's pet care products. I bought it from i told them about it. They gave me their contact information and gave double my money back. They said they will remove the product from their website, we do not want to be selling a product that makes pets sick. we are truly sorry about this. then they said we have never heard of a cat dying by using a squeeze on spot flea treatment. it is a pesticide but a serious small amount.

I looked on the box its really a large amount and has two different pesticides one is 55% the other is 2.20% the liquid in the tubes is 1.4 mL /0.047 fl oz

I took this picture of My Baby Bright Eyes today, about an hour after her bath as she slept on the back of my computer chair.

She is the best kitty ever, I totally love her. I know she loves me too.

Its a fact: Yellow is a happy colour, it makes people happy. Also, Kitties like the colour Yellow.

Dear God, Please Protect My Baby Bright Eyes, Please Don't Let Her Die. Amen. 

Thank You.

Mokey Mouse

Mokey Caught a Mouse!

This makes the third mouse he has caught, since we moved back to the States from Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The house had been vacant for around 6 months, so the little mice moved in.
Mokey has been having a blast catching them. Puppy and Bright Eyes caught one each but we were asleep so we couldn't take pictures.

They don't eat them, they just play with them until they don't move anymore.